Color Traveler ink is created in Horoshima, Japan and takes you on journey through Japan by ink!

The inks are inspired by traveling through Japan, and have their history in Japanese towns and regions, history and special products. Color Traveler hopes to be an ambassador for the regions that are introduced with their inks.

The red lighthouse in Sunport Takamatsu is affectionately known as "Setoshirube." Built with 1,600 transparent glass blocks, it is the world's first glass lighthouse where the entire light shines because the light shines from inside. The red lighthouse at the tip of the Tamamo breakwater, which stretches for 540 meters, watches over the traffic of ships in the Seto Inland Sea. The ink imagines a red lighthouse illuminated by glass blocks, floating on the sea, expressing the deep colors of the night sky.

Every Color Traveler ink comes with an empty 5 ml mini bottle, an ink dropper and label stickers for mini bottle. The inks can be used with fountain pens, glass pens, dip pens and more. Beautiful design in a characteristic round ink bottle. Contains 30 ml of water-based dye ink.


Ink color: Red Lighthouse Night Black
Contents: 30 ml

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Color Traveler Kagawa Ink Bottle - 30 ml - Red Lighthouse Night Black

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