"Professional Diary" that can be placed neatly in front of a PC is a long-selling notebook series that has been developed since the 1989 edition as a diary for business people. 

As the number of people teleworking with Corona is increasing, a new "mobile size" that can effectively utilize the limited desk space has been introduced. The compact size of the diary fits in front of your PC, so you can use it conveniently even in a limited space.

Convenient format for telework - Monthly block: Beginning October 2021 (16 months)

Simple and easy-to-read "Monthly block" page. The gray and engine tones that match the "MD paper" (cream) are devised so that the written characters look best.

There is a to-do list on the left side of the page, which allows you to manage your weekly tasks. Another point is that it has a house-shaped check box that allows you to easily grasp the day of teleworking. Even if you manage your schedule on your PC, it is recommended that you use it together with your PC, such as writing important schedules and tasks in a diary that you can see at any time.

"Monthly memo"

The monthly memo page provided behind the monthly block allows you to keep a memorandum of monthly schedules, memos, meeting logs, etc. The 2.5mm grid ruler is a highly flexible format that can be used without wasting space.

"Annual calendar" and "Annual schedule"

There is an "Annual calendar" and "Annual schedule" that give you a bird's-eye view of the year. It is also recommended that you use it as an annual event, private schedule, or as a habit tracker in the "Annual Schedule".

A chic design

Cover with a gold leaf logo The "black" diary cover, which has a standard matte texture and is easy to use, is an elegant design that can be used by both men and women. Since it uses a thread binding that opens flat, it does not get in the way even if it is placed in front of the computer.


- Annual calendar
- Annual schedule
- Monthly schedule (October 2021 to January 2023 * 16 months)
- Monthly memo (alternate with monthly schedule)
- Grid ruled memo

Cover: Made of PVC (gold foil stamping)
Page number: 96 pages
Size: H: 113 mm x W: 124 mm x D: 9 mm
Weight: 100 g
Specification: Overlock binding with bookmark string
Material: MD paper (cream)

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Midori 2022 Professional Diary PRD Mobile - Compact - Monthly Block - White

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