Pocket-sized thin monthly diary - 2022 version - horizontal hardcover

Trystrams is Kokuyo's thin field book size diary that has a reputation for the moderate size. It's a 32-page thin monthly notebook that focuses on dates. "Horizontal / vertical opening" that opens the page vertically and vertically with long sides in the horizontal direction like a notebook PC or passbook. One week does not span pages, and you can enter schedules with consecutive dates as if you were on a calendar.

The main content in this diary is the "Monthly block" which is easy to list, such as looking back on one month. "Starting Monday" where Saturdays and Sundays are next to each other. It includes the main notation of the phases of the moon (the phases of the moon), and has day / holiday color coding (in light blue). It's leader rule (dotted line) separates AM / PM etc. into upper and lower parts. Has a mini calendar for the next month and the month after next. Other contents include a two-year annual calendar, a one-year annual schedule, and personal data. The print color is gray and light blue, hence giving a smart impression.

The "hard cover" with a hard core and a cover finish makes it easy to write while standing and fits comfortably in the bag. Cover design with foil stamping on the textured cloth-pasted cover.

In the 2022 edition, the middle paper was revised from general paper to "KOKUYO original book paper".

Diary type: Monthly block / horizontal type, starting on Monday
Cover type: Hardcover
Size: 91 x 160 mm
Pages: Contains 32 pages
Contents: [January-December 2022] Annual calendar, annual schedule, monthly block 6-column notation, personal data

Made in Japan

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Kokuyo Trystrams 2022 Pocket Size Thin Diary - Hardcover - Horizontal - Blue

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  • Merk: Kokuyo
  • Model: THF-KD19-22B
  • Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
  • € 19,99
  • Excl. BTW: € 16,52