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This is a complete set that comes with:

- Hobonichi cover (MOTHER: An enemy blocked the way design)
- Hobonichi Techo Original Spring 2021 book (Japanese / A6 / April 2021 Start / Monday)

COVER: MOTHER: An enemy blocked the way

This cover is an homage to Shigesato Itoi's 1994 Super Nintendo game, MOTHER 2 (EarthBound in North America). We’ve had all kinds of designs for the series over the years, and this year we’re excited to introduce a cover filled with the enchanting enemies of EarthBound. The cohort on the cover includes Giant Ant, Mondo Mole, Trillionage Sprout, Plague Rat of Doom, Thunder and Storm, Electro Specter, Carbon Dog, Runaway Dog, Belch, Frank Fly, Worthless Protoplasm, Ramblin' Evil Mushroom, Kraken, Department Store Spook, Boogey Tent, Yes Man Jr., Black Antoid, Chomposaur, Starman Jr., Coil Snake, Li’l UFO, and Ness’s Nightmare.

Seeing all these bad guys—hard-boiled sanctuary bosses, enemies encountered over and over again, villains that you couldn’t help but laugh at—will evoke all sorts of memories for nostalgic players. Even the background these characters sit against comes from EarthBound’s battle screens.

The pen holders are purple and pink, as are the bookmarks, which have green charms. This color scheme exudes the energy of EarthBound enemies. The cover interior is khaki-colored, and the interior pocket includes the MOTHER logo. These funny, lovable enemies didn’t all make frequent appearances in the game, but they’re a fundamental part of the colorful world of MOTHER 2. We hope you enjoy this special cover starring all these unique characters.

This cover includes bonus stickers you can use to mark your techo pages. These stickers are included on two sheets so you can keep one in perfect shape. Feel free to use these stickers on special days and on days that are nothing special!

Sold separately is the Cover on Cover. In addition to protecting your cover from wear and tear, the Cover on Cover is a great place to store postcards, pictures, and other decorations to customize your cover at any time.

BOOK: Hobonichi Techo Original 2021 Spring 2021 Start - Begins on Mondays

This original form of the Hobonichi Techo has been loved by many users since its introduction in 2002. Its daily pages offer plenty of space to fill despite the book’s compact A6 size. The graph paper offers an open layout for you to neatly lay out writings, clippings, and drawings. The daily quotes (Japanese) also provide users with interesting reading material. The book is designed to be paired with a cover of your choice.

This standard A6 full-year Original has a Monday-start week in its calendar. This determines that the left-most column in the monthly calendar is a Monday. The daily pages start at Apr. 1 2021, and end Mar. 31, 2022 (377 pages).

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* Hobonichi Techo Original A6 Spring 2021 Set - MOTHER: An enemy blocked the way (Japanese / A6 / April Start / Book + Cover)

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