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This is a complete set that comes with:

- Hobonichi cover (Doraemon: Dorami-chan design)
- Hobonichi Techo Original Spring 2021 book (Japanese / A6 / April 2021 Start / Monday)

COVER: Doraemon: Dorami-chan

This cover is the latest addition to the Hobonichi Techo’s Japan Manga Classics series. It features the popular character Dorami-chan from Doraemon, the classic series from celebrated manga artist Fujiko F. Fujio.

Art director Idea Oshima designed this lovely cover to reflect all the cuteness of Dorami-chan herself, starting with the expression on her face in the silkscreen print at the center. Special attention was paid to the way Dorami-chan was printed differently from the rest of the cover, giving it a special texture. Dorami-chan’s pockets inspired the yellow-and-red plaid pattern.

The two round, black strings of the bookmarks have small red and white flowers as charms, modeled after Dorami-chan’s tail. The cover interior is a pale cream color. While Dorami-chan is the star of this cover, Doraemon and Nobita-kun do make little cameos! Inside the cover is “Nobiemon,” who appears in Volume 17 of Doraemon from the Tentomushi Comics series.

Sold separately is the Cover on Cover. In addition to protecting your cover from wear and tear, the Cover on Cover is a great place to store postcards, pictures, and other decorations to customize your cover at any time.

This cover includes a sticker of Doraemon lying down.

Some background on this Doraemon cover:
It’s a scene from Volume 4 of the Tentomushi Comics series, where Dorami-chan made her first appearance. Dorami-chan showed up just as Nobita was worried about Doraemon, who had stopped moving, explaining that he was just switched off. “Robots have to rest their machines once in a while. Oh, me? I’m Dorami, Doraemon’s little sister. I’ll take care of you while my brother recharges.” It’s a memorable scene from the comic, and with the sticker you can immortalize it anywhere you’d like.

Dorami-chan is a precocious robot who loves melon bread and is always ready to trade places with Doraemon and save the day when Nobita-kun is in trouble. All that, plus her charming eyes, show through in this energetic cover, which brings together everything that makes people love Dorami-chan. It’s comforting to have Dorami-chan by your side, so this techo cover is just the ticket for enjoying yourself every day.


BOOK: Hobonichi Techo Original 2021 Spring 2021 Start - Begins on Mondays

This original form of the Hobonichi Techo has been loved by many users since its introduction in 2002. Its daily pages offer plenty of space to fill despite the book’s compact A6 size. The graph paper offers an open layout for you to neatly lay out writings, clippings, and drawings. The daily quotes (Japanese) also provide users with interesting reading material. The book is designed to be paired with a cover of your choice.

This standard A6 full-year Original has a Monday-start week in its calendar. This determines that the left-most column in the monthly calendar is a Monday. The daily pages start at Apr. 1 2021, and end Mar. 31, 2022 (377 pages).

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* Hobonichi Techo Original A6 Spring 2021 Set - Doraemon: Dorami-chan (Japanese / A6 / April Start / Book + Cover)

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